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Nicole Concepcion - December 2023 & January 2024

Artist bio

Ina Concepcion is an Afro-Indigenous ceremonial artist & abstract painter. Ina creates emotional landscapes and energetic portals as an invitation to explore the nuanced depths of the human experience. Drawing on the deep relationships to the elemental, Mayan and Caribbean cosmology and a lineage of curanderismo, Ina incorporates ceremonial cacao as a connection between the ethereal and the earthly.

Born in the Bay Area, Ina started painting & illustrating with her maternal grandmother at the age of 5. Painting for her is a channeled connection from source to dimension; a focal point to dream, imagine and safely weave in and out of your relationship with time. From a place of depth, Ina paints emotionally engaging memoirs through an intimate journey with color frequency & essence. She is fluid in the following abstract styles: figurative, erotica, cosmic landscape and color field.

Follow Nicole at @lovingkind

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