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Brooke Guadagna - November 2023

Artist statement

‘I feel the need, the need to paint!’

I began creating art for myself to express my creative instinct. I now create for others to see their happiness through my paintings.

I have learned to balance life, my families needs & my own needs to continue being an artist.


From the mountains in a small town near Yellowstone National Park to the Art Institute of Colorado, finally landing in the Las Vegas desert.

After taking all the art classes possible in school and doodling through all the other classes, completing a bachelor degree at AIC, I knew I wanted to be a fine art painter.

First I’d land a graphic design job at The Venetian Hotel/Casino but continued painting, sticking to acrylics and oil pastels, mixed with turpentine on canvas to create most of my abstract expressionism pieces.

Shortly after moving to Vegas, I was invited to hold an exhibition at Caramel Lounge inside The Bellagio Hotel/Casino where I’d sell almost all 20 of the pieces I’d displayed.

After a few years of modeling, I painted one of my favorite pieces, an oversized Triptych of the Vegas skyline, finishing it up 8 months pregnant.

I’d take a 10 year hiatus after my sons were born but I always knew I needed to paint again. As soon as the boys were both in school, I tried a new medium, holiday window painting! My boys loved it. One day while they attended school I started a series of paintings, beginning with each of their favorite NFL teams.

Their excitement and joy motivated me to continue the sports theme series and it’s been a hit. Stand by for your favorite team!

Follow Brooke at @brookeguadagna_art

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