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Glynn Galloway


Glynn Galloway

Glynn Galloway is an award winning Las Vegas assemblage artist who creates freestanding and wall mount sculptures from antique found objects, wet molded leather and hand hammered copper. He creates sustainable art utilizing at least 90% recycled or repurposed materials in each of his sculptures.

He is one of only a handful of artists nationwide using leather as a sculptural medium. Glynn hand molds wet leather components into unique shapes and then meticulously finishes them with blended, transparent acrylic paints. He often incorporates hand hammered copper elements into his sculptures which he "flame paints" with an acetylene torch, producing a rainbow of colors on the metal. He fuses these components into eccentric works of art that celebrate the distressed and haunting beauty of the antique components by complementing their peculiar features with unconventional contemporary materials.

Glynn describes himself as an oblique artist; not truly outsider and not completely mainstream. What he lacks in formal art training is compensated for by his enthusiastic pursuit of new creative techniques, his spirited resolve to continually improve his work and his unfettered love for creating truly unique, unusual and thought provoking art!

His most recent awards include "Best 3D Artist" at the 2017 Urban Arts Festival, Salt Lake City UT, the first place “Award of Excellence” at the 2018 Reno Art Fest, Reno, NV and the “1st Place 3-Dimensional Art” award at the 2019 Redlands Art Fest, Redlands, CA.

Glynn is a 24 year US Navy veteran and a retired employee of the Veterans Administration caring for active duty service members and veterans in his capacity as a former Registered Nurse and Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist.

He lives in a vintage Las Vegas neighborhood with his lovely wife, Donna.

View Glynn's artwork at the ARTSpace.

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