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Eddie Canumay

Artist, Facilities Director

Eddie Canumay

Eddie "CiCi Fu" Canumay is a self-taught artist with a fascination for vintage Japanese toys, movies and culture. As someone who loves the process of art creation, and embraces learning new things, Eddie has moved in and out of mediums from photographing street decay to most recently painting monsters with acrylics.

Growing up in Hawaii, the island culture has a significant influence on Eddie’s art today. It was at an early age that his interest in art was sparked when he was introduced to ancient Hawaiian works painted by brushes made from the Hala tree.  Pulling from the surf culture that surrounded him, in addition to his interest in Japanese cartoons, Eddie’s early drawings were of men morphing into monsters, which later evolved, as his skills progressed, to drawing realism in the human form, still-life, and eventually moving into his current passion of painting abstracts.

After completing high school in Los Angeles, Eddie took on his first job working for a photography supply distributor, where he dove into exploring photography, film development and working with black & white. A lot of his inspiration came from the L.A. Graffiti scene.  He soon found collage, and began to mix the three mediums: collage, graffiti, and photography. Remembering his love for the action figures he played with as a child, Sci-fi movies, and aliens, he began using these figures in his mixed media art.

Although extremely detail oriented; Eddie has always prided himself in his laid-back approach to his art.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is open to continuous learning and personal growth as an artist. Eddie’s art style may be forever changing, as he is committed to forever growing as an artist.

Presently you can find Eddie painting his monsters in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is deeply engaged in the vibrant arts community  both via his solo work, and as part of his collaboration within the art collective, 3 Baaad Sheep.

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