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Cig Neutron


Cig Neutron

Cig Neutron is a professional SFX artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graduated from the Tom Savini Makeup FX program in 2009. They have since worked on big film projects such as, Star Trek Discovery, Sucker Punch, and Tron Legacy. As a freelance artist, they also create a variety of sfx props, makeups, and fx rigs for t.v.,  indy projects, short films, music videos,  commercials, and live performances. From the Boulet Brother's Dragula, to Award winning live shows in Vegas,  Cig's work has been featured in a wide range of notable productions. 

Cig was a finalist of Syfy’s Faceoff season 7 and the winner of Faceoff All star season 11. This opened the door to expanding their online presence and communities where they connected with fans streaming sculpting, SFX, and playing Dungeons and Dragons live professionally. They have collaborated with other creative powerhouses such as Meat Canyon, Patrick Starrr, and James St. James.

In addition to special makeup FX, Cig dabbles in a wide variety of arts, from music to film making. Along with their wife Rannie Au Go Go, they have created Bizarro Au Go Go a psychotronic production company producing a variety of wacky creatures and characters residing in a nonsensical world.

Cig has always had a passion for teaching and has traveled the world sharing their knowledge at some of the largest FX and Makeup shows for reputable industry brands. They now teach online SFX, sculpting, and other art courses that students can take from  the comfort their own home. 

A true artist and visionary, Cig is ever-expanding and exploring the realms of creativity with an open heart and a deep admiration for all that life has to offer.

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