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3 BAAAD Sheep

Art Collective

3 BAAAD Sheep

3 unique artists… 3 very different paths on the journey of art and life…  1 conversation… resulting in a melding of the minds… an urge to collaborate… a desire to share something different, creative, and beautiful with the world.

The art collective known as 3 Baaad Sheep came together for the first time on the patio of the Arts Factory in Las Vegas, Nevada. Alexander “Sky” Carranza, Eddie “cicifu” Canumay and Alexander P. Huerta comprise the trio of mixed-media creators who exploded onto the scene of the Las Vegas 18b Arts District in August 2010.

This collaborative dream-team was formed when Eddie, Sky and Alex discovered that by combining their unique perspectives, experiences and styles into a single painting they were able to create mind-stretching, provocative, edgy works of art. Their pieces are truly polarizing, inspiring critical thinking and inviting the viewer to challenge "conventional wisdom".

Just one year into forming 3 Baaad Sheep, they were awarded "best in show" at the Art-Rageous juried show at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas (July 2011).

Today they have collectors spanning the U.S. and Canada.

3 Baaad Sheep collaborations are available on canvas, wood, furniture and wall murals in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, colors and subject matter. They leverage a wide range of mixed media, including acrylic, aerosol, oil pencils, collage, sharpies, stencils, and many found objects.

Las Vegas is talking about 3 Baaad Sheep. Check them out …and see what all the buzz is about.

View 3 BAAAD Sheep's artwork at the ARTSpace.

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