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Emeritus Collective Artists

Gina BoBina
Glynn Galloway
Q'shaundra James
3 BAAAD Sheep
Annie Atienza Image

Annie Atienza


Annie Atienza is the Events Director at Slonina ARTSpace, coordinating both special events and educational workshops for this exciting community. Annie is also a fundraiser and wardrobe stylist + educator, with a wealth of experience in the arts management, non-profit, and fashion arenas across Las Vegas, New York City, and Shanghai, CHINA, where she lived abroad and worked for 6 years. Annie attended The Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC and American University in Washington, D.C., and is a member of the Las Vegas Fashion Council locally. Her corporate clients have included Apple, Beats By Dre, Victoria’s Secret, Sony Music, Coca-Cola, Tide, Dulux, Bausch&Lomb, Profoto, and Isituto Marangoni, among others. Her non-profit clients have included Edwin Gould Services for Children and Families and the Foothills Montessori School Parent Teacher Organization, for which she currently serves as the Vice President of the Board. 


Annie loves the color green, vintage jacquard fabrics, hot yoga, and International travel.

Jayson Atienza Image

Jayson Atienza


Jayson Atienza is a Filipino-American award-winning visual artist and creative director who splits his professional time between Asia, New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas. He graduated from the School of Visual Arts in NYC majoring in Advertising and Graphic Design. Jayson's passion is painting, and he applies his signature style worldwide to an array of traditional and non-traditional canvases, alike. Jayson's work combines dynamic colors with strong line detail, and his designs spread organically across whatever he paints. 


Jayson was born in Batangas, Philippines and raised in Jersey City, New Jersey. He started drawing at age 5, first collaborating with his father, who was deaf and mute. Visual language became the most important way he communicated from an early age, and Jayson feels lucky that he can continue to communicate this way with strangers around the world through his art. 


Commercially, Jayson’s clients include: Nike, Jordan Brand, NBA, New York Knicks, ESPN, MINI, GAP, Diesel, Ray-Ban, Chivas, Hennessy and Heineken among others.

Follow Jayson @jaysonatienza 


Eddie Canumay

Artist, Facilities Director

Eddie "CiCi Fu" Canumay is a self-taught artist with a fascination for vintage Japanese toys, movies and culture. As someone who loves the process of art creation, and embraces learning new things, Eddie has moved in and out of mediums from photographing street decay to most recently painting monsters with acrylics.


Growing up in Hawaii, the island culture has a significant influence on Eddie’s art today. It was at an early age that his interest in art was sparked when he was introduced to ancient Hawaiian works painted by brushes made from the Hala tree.  Pulling from the surf culture that surrounded him, in addition to his interest in Japanese cartoons, Eddie’s early drawings were of men morphing into monsters, which later evolved, as his skills progressed, to drawing realism in the human form, still-life, and eventually moving into his current passion of painting abstracts.


After completing high school in Los Angeles, Eddie took on his first job working for a photography supply distributor, where he dove into exploring photography, film development and working with black & white. A lot of his inspiration came from the L.A. Graffiti scene.  He soon found collage, and began to mix the three mediums: collage, graffiti, and photography. Remembering his love for the action figures he played with as a child, Sci-fi movies, and aliens, he began using these figures in his mixed media art.


Although extremely detail oriented; Eddie has always prided himself in his laid-back approach to his art.  He doesn’t take himself too seriously, and is open to continuous learning and personal growth as an artist. Eddie’s art style may be forever changing, as he is committed to forever growing as an artist.


Presently you can find Eddie painting his monsters in Las Vegas, Nevada, where he is deeply engaged in the vibrant arts community  both via his solo work, and as part of his collaboration within the art collective, 3 Baaad Sheep.

Follow Eddie @eddiecanumay

Nicole Cochener Image

Nicole Cochener

Artist, Art Vending Director

Nicole Cochener (B. 1980, Wichita, KS, USA) is a mixed media artist who combines post-consumer materials and traditional fine art techniques to create her distinctive paintings. Her pieces are composed of layers of collaged paper with acrylic paint and other media to create representational images of the natural world.


From a young age, Nicole aspired to be an artist and began taking drawing and painting classes. She earned dual degrees in Art and Publications from Friends University and studied Art Direction at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco.


Nicole has worked as an art educator and designer. She served as Creative Coordinator for the University of Kansas School before opening her own art business in San Francisco. Nicole currently lives in Las Vegas where she owns her own gallery, Squishy Studio. She recently started Gallery to Go, a chain of vending machines featuring small artworks by local artists.


Nicole’s artwork is included in private and corporate collections in over 20 countries worldwide. Her pieces have been featured by CNN, Marin Magazine, Pregnancy & Newborn, Green Mom and more. She has won many distinctions including being named one of the 2020 Art Pop billboard winners.

Follow Nicole @nicolecochener

Fifi Marika Image

Fifi Marika

Artist, Social Media Director

Fifi Marika, a native of Australia, established a thriving makeup business in Noosa, adorning the faces of clients with her skillful touch.


Transitioning her artistic prowess, she now serves as the Creative Director of Roxxstar Entertainment and heads the Abstract Art department, infusing her distinctive minimal style with the innovative use of improvised scrapers and palette knives to create texture and a captivating three-dimensional effect.


Her artworks have graced prestigious venues and high-end luxurious homes, showcasing her talent and creative energy.

Follow Fifi @fifimarika

cig headshot_edited.jpg

Cig Neutron


Cig Neutron is a professional SFX artist based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Graduated from the Tom Savini Makeup FX program in 2009. They have since worked on big film projects such as Star Trek Discovery, Sucker Punch, and Tron Legacy. As a freelance artist, they have also created a variety of sfx props, makeups, and fx rigs for t.v., indy projects, short films, music videos, commercials, and live performances. From the Boulet Brother's Dragula, to award-winning live shows in Vegas,  Cig's work has been featured in a wide range of notable productions. 

Cig was a finalist on Syfy’s Face Off season 7 and the winner of Face Off All-Stars season 11. This opened the door to expanding their online presence and communities where they connected with fans streaming sculpting, SFX, and playing Dungeons and Dragons live professionally. They have collaborated with other creative powerhouses such as Meat Canyon, Patrick Starrr, and James St. James.

In addition to special makeup FX, Cig dabbles in a wide variety of arts, from music to film making. Along with their wife Rannie Au Go Go, they have created Bizarro Au Go Go, a psychotronic production company producing a variety of wacky creatures and characters residing in a nonsensical world.

Cig has always had a passion for teaching and has traveled the world sharing their knowledge at some of the largest FX and makeup shows for reputable industry brands. They now teach online SFX, sculpting, and other art courses that students can take from the comfort their own home. 

A true artist and visionary, Cig is ever-expanding and exploring the realms of creativity with an open heart and a deep admiration for all that life has to offer.

Follow Cig @cigneutron

Robin Slonina Image

Robin Slonina

Artist, Creative Director

Robin Slonina is a multi-disciplinary artist whose creative output includes body painting, canvas painting and mural painting, as well as indoor and outdoor sculpture and site-specific installation. Much of her work is interactive, inviting the viewer to experience the art rather than simply observe it. Slonina enjoys taking the “Do Not Touch” sign off of her art, inviting people to recognize art as an integral and fun part of everyday life.

Robin is also a producer and judge on the hit body painting competition show Skin Wars, alongside RuPaul, Rebecca Romijn and Craig Tracy, as well as Executive Producer and Judge of the live runway competition Battle of the Salons with LaGanja Estranja and Samuel Gutierrez.


Robin graduated from the School of the Art Institute in her native Chicago, then spent several years traveling the world with various visiting arts programs. Las Vegas has been her adopted home for the past 15 years, where she founded Skin City Body Painting art and event studio. She has been deeply influenced by the nature and neon of her adopted city, where she currently lives with her son Leo and her husband Jimmy Slonina, who is an actor and performer with Cirque du Soleil. She is an active philanthropist with several local charities, as well as a passionate advocate for the arts community, serving on the Arts District Board and working as the Artist Liaison for Meow Wolf.


Slonina’s artwork has been collected and exhibited internationally in numerous galleries and museums around the world, including: the Museum of Contemporary Art, the John Michael Kohler Arts Center, the Smart Museum of Art, the Peace Museum, Sedona Arts Academy, the Contemporary Art Workshop, University of Chicago, DePaul University, Art-O-Mat, Artemisia Gallery, Ambrosino Gallery, Lucky Gallery and the Baraka Art Complex, among many others. She has exhibited locally in Las Vegas at Recycled Propaganda, Area 15, Life Cube, Emergency Arts, Atomic Todd Gallery, The Smith Center, Springs Preserve and the Arts Factory.

Follow Robin @robinslonina

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